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New moon

Every New Moon since 2015, The Beach Co-op hosts a cleanup in the intertidal zone at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa.

During these New Moon cleanups, participants are asked to remove any litter and take pictures of any marine species observed. South Africa’s coastline is unique and is home to many marine plants and animals.

We encourage you to contribute to iNaturalist, a platform where you can upload and share images of animal and plant observations, have them identified and learn more about each species. This citizen science platform contributes to species occurrence data which can then be used in scientific research and resource management.

Blue watercolour brush stroke illustration.


Dirty Dozen™ cleanups are any clean up we do that involves collecting data using the Dirty Dozen™ Methodology. Check out our Dirty Dozen™ page to see what we have collected so far. We also strongly encourage you to host your own Dirty Dozen™ beach cleanups, so download the Marine Debris Tracker app and watch the video to see how to host/do your own clean up. Clean beaches start with you.

Two people with clipboards standing on the rocks at Robben Island.


For long-term critical change to take place we have identified that we need to work with leaders of industry. Each and every citizen has a critical role to play in assisting us in our mission of creating healthy oceans. We have decided to partner with corporates as this way we gain access to teams and employees we would not normally be able to work with. A fun and interactive day out provides for team building and ties into the larger social mission of eradicating beach plastic as well as helping those fall in love with the ocean.

The Beach Co-op is a registered NPC, corporates can also sponsor a cleanup as a donation and support the overall mission of The Beach Co-op and receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate.

  • Qualified and knowledgeable presenter
  • Large and small group tasks
  • Fun learning environment
  • Each employee becomes a citizen scientist for the day and hopefully future
  • You actively assist in eradicating plastic & the international mission of saving our oceans
  • Your company actively participates in a strong environmental cause
  • Section 18A Tax Certificate