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Youth day student uprising.Inspiration

Youth Day: A Day of Celebration?

Student uprisings 16 June 1976 (GoodThingsGuy, 2019)What we ought to be commemorating on any given South African Public Holiday is, unsurprisingly, a contentious subject. Many of the events in our recent history represent radically different things to different members of our society. A single event…
Semane Liya
June 15, 2021
Freedom Day 2021Inspiration

Freedom is not a Day

I am present in this watery time as I write about the concept of freedom. Being present is to draw on what Donna Haraway refers to as ‘staying with the trouble’. Time, like memory, holds the truth of silencing, violence, exclusion and flourishing of some…
Joanne Peers
April 26, 2021
Illustration showing humans, animals and nature living in harmony.Inspiration

Earth Day 2021: Drawing on values and imagination

Earth Day is said to mark the birth of environmental consciousness and protection in an industrialised western society. On 22nd April 1970, a diverse collection of students, organisations and faith-based groups across the United States (US) took to the streets to demonstrate against the environmental…
Ffion Atkins
April 21, 2021
Woman on WavesCleanupsInspiration

Women on Waves

My husband is a surfer and when we first started dating more than 20 years ago, I would hang out on the beach while he surfed. That got boring after a while and I decided to give it a bash. I started out at Muizenberg…
Aaniyah Omardien
November 2, 2020
Artistic close up shot of water catching light.Inspiration

Women and Water

The Beach Co-op recognises that families and communities strengthen the bonds that support regenerative activities. We are actively trying to build ocean communities that care for our marine environment - not only because the ocean has intrinsic value itself, but also because it provides clean…
Aaniyah Omardien
September 3, 2020