Spring Cleaning 2018 with The Beach Co-op

Spring Cleaning 2018

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We began International Coastal Cleanup month with TWO cleanups on the 1st day of Spring – here’s to a month of spring cleaning!

The ‘Clean Diver’ cleanup was a combined beach and harbour cleanup at Kalk Bay harbour. You could either join the dive team to collect marine debris in the harbour or you could join the team cleaning the beach. There were many organisations that participated in this cleanup – Sea the bigger picture, Cape Town Free Diving, Save our Seas Foundation, UCT underwater club and TrailFreedivers. Thank you to everyone that helped! The Dirty Dozen methodology was used on the beach and the top item was 589 individual sweet wrappers.

The ‘Spring Clean’ cleanup was organised by Surf 4 Trash at Kreefte Bay on our west coast. Sunset surf shop, West Coast Boardriders, Rosebank Brewing Company and Ocean Pledge were all involved in this cleanup. Again, the Dirty Dozen methodology was used and 807 individual sweet wrappers was the top item logged.

It is clear that we should be refusing individually wrapped sweets, and telling restaurants that we no longer want them offered at the end of our meals. Sweets can be served from a dispenser if hygiene is a concern.

There is a line-up of beach cleanup events happening this month – check our calendar if you would like to participate. Special thanks to Sealand Gear for providing us with beach cleanup bags, and Kurobo charcoal for our water dispenser to keep us hydrated.

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International Coastal Cleanup Month - The Beach Co-op

September is International Coastal Cleanup Month

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The Beach Co-op is excited about the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup month in which volunteers around the world will clean beaches. Most groups and organisations will focus on facilitating their beach cleanups on the 15th September, which is the official International Coastal Cleanup day. The Beach Co-op will be running multiple cleanups throughout the month.

We have several groups and organisations that have registered to cleanup our South African coastline using The Beach Co-op’s Dirty Dozen methodology. That means that they will be recording the top 12 most commonly found items on our coastline. This helps us identify the source of marine litter and better understand how we can manage our waste and what items we should try and avoid buying. We can then make our voices heard regarding unnecessary packaging and help to create a demand for products to be redesigned with a circular economy in mind as opposed to them ending up in landfill or on our beaches. The Dirty Dozen methodology was developed by Professor Peter Ryan from the University of Cape Town who has been surveying our coastline for more than 20 years.

If you would like to find out more about this methodology and how you could get involved please get in touch with us or download the information pack.

We look forward to receiving your data and building on our South African database of information related to single-use plastic to inform better waste management and ultimately a cleaner environment for all of us.

Download info pack here
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