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International Coastal Cleanup Day

By September 14, 2020Cleanups
International Coastal Cleanup Day

Are you ready for International Coastal Cleanup Day?

It’s almost International Coastal Cleanup Day! With just under five days to International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC) on the 19 September; we thought we would give you all the details you need to #CleanOn

The first ICC day began over 30 years ago, and every year since then, on the third Saturday of September communities have gathered with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littered on their coastline.

This year we are encouraging you to #CleanOn, by either joining a small cleanup (50 pax) or doing your own cleanup and logging your data by using The Beach Co-op’s #DirtyDozenCleanup list on the Marine Debris Tracker app. The use of the app allows volunteers to contribute to our citizen science methodology while adhering to COVID-19 regulations. The Dirty Dozen™, designed by Prof. Peter Ryan from the University of Cape Town, tracks 12 commonly found plastic litter items around South Africa. This helps us to identify the source of the litter and advocate for changes in consumption and waste management habits.

International Coastal Cleanup Day

Our friends at Ocean Conservancy have shared a few tips on how to conduct a safe solo or small group cleanup:

1.Pick a Location
Identify a safe location to clean where social distancing is easily achievable. Think ahead about where you will properly dispose of trash at the location you choose. Monitor your health and the health of your family members before considering a cleanup of any size.

2.Gather Materials
Gather materials needed. This includes personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), hand sanitizer, grabbers, trash bags, closed toed shoes and a reusable water bottle.

3.Download a Litter Monitoring App
If you are able, please help us collect important data on the types and amount of trash you remove. Download the Marine Debris Tracker (and search for The Beach Co-op) or Clean Swell app on your phone or other smart device. Be sure to “Allow” location services while using the app.

4.Clean Up
Safely collect trash using gloves (preferably reusable gloves), and take pictures to document your efforts. Never pick up any trash items that you are not comfortable with.

5.Carefully Remove Gloves
After you finish collecting items, carefully remove gloves and wash hands and arms with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

6.Record Data
Follow steps on the Marine Debris Tracker or Clean Swell app to review and submit your data.

7.Properly Dispose of Waste
Properly dispose of items collected. Do not place trash bags in overflowing bins. This may cause items to fly away and end up back in the water.

Immediately and thoroughly sanitize any gear used during the cleanup including grabbers, gloves and buckets.

This is the second year that The Beach Co-op will be assisting Plastics SA with the coordination of all the registered cleanups from the Cape Metropole and Overberg areas. There are 35 registered cleanups, of which 25 are open for members of the public to request attendance from the organisations hosting.

If you would like to #CleanOn here is a list of the public cleans happening in and around Cape Town:

* Please remember that you need to contact the relative organisation if you wish to attend as cleanups are all limited to 50 people.

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